Pod/nri-bundle-nri-kube-events get error and restarted frequently

Hi Guys,

I’m getting errors and restarted frequently pod/nri-bundle-nri-kube-events. this’s a pod NewRelic Kubernetes integration with EKS.
This the error log pod.
time=“2021-01-26T08:32:36Z” level=warning msg=“failed to connect to DBus. make sure systemd is present.” component=NotificationHandler
time=“2021-01-26T08:32:36Z” level=warning msg=“failed to init shutdown monitor” component=NotificationHandler error=“no systemd found”

anyone can help me resolve this error?

Thank you.

Hi @watri.wahab, thanks for your question!

These are warning messages that shouldn’t cause the pod to restart. Could you generate some verbose logs and have a look to see if you can see any error messages that would indicate what the issue is?

If it’s not clear, please share any error messages that seem important here and I can help further.

Hi @kmcginley thank for your response,

This for the error message I get in the pod logs.
log: exiting because of error: log: cannot create log: open /tmp/nri-kube-events.nri-bundle-nri-kube-events-68ddc8df6d-b654n.nri-kube-events.log.WARNING.20210207-074209.1: read-only file system

Hi @watri.wahab,

Thanks for sending on the logs info, that was really helpful!

I found this open issue in our helm charts github repo and it seems to be the same issue that you’re having: [nri-kube-events] attempting to write warnings to RO filesystem #72. So, this looks to be a known issue with kube-events. There is an open pull request for this which looks to be almost ready to be merged: [nri-kube-events] Fix ‘kube-events’ container restarts due to ‘/tmp’.

You can subscribe to notifications on this PR if you’d like to stay up to date and hopefully the fix will be available soon.

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Hi @kmcginley,

Thank you for your information,
I will wait for the update on this repo.


Thank you @watri.wahab! Please keep us updated!