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Portable version of New Relic docs?



I am starting to get into New Relic Infrastructure, using infrastructure integrations and using Insights to analyze the data. There’s a lot for me to wrap my head around.

Is there an off-line version of New Relic’s docs?

Ideally, I would like a PDF or an ePub that I can load onto my Kindle but I’m open to workarounds such as trying to save every potential page to a read-it-later service like Instapaper. Any ideas?


Hi there @dhodnett - welcome back to the Community. Very excited to hear that you are digging into Infrastraucture!

Unfortunately, we do not have an off-line version of our docs site BUT if you are into paper, you can print our docs and they are very nicely formatted. The trees will understand, right?


Most modern operating systems support printing to PDF. No need to harm trees. :slightly_smiling_face:


Also and excellent point @philweber - I think that just goes to show my age. My first thought is that paper should be involved somehow!


When printing a page to PDF, they are very nicely formatted. Whoever designed the document portal deserves kudos.

The drawback is that there are a lot of individual “pages” to track down and print. Links within each page point back to the New Relic website, as opposed to sections in my self-published book.

For now, I’ll read them online; I have a week before I have to get on a plane again. Assuming that we included a disclaimer that New Relic is not responsible for the accuracy of the content, would New Relic object to people writing a script to download and assemble individual docs into an ePub or similar?


Thanks @dhodnett - Go for it! Let me know if you are able to get it going.