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Possible event duplication - tripid



Whe doing a query against PageView, I got an event that seems duplicated, it occured only once, and both events have the same tripid.
Here is the query
SELECT * FROM PageView SINCE ‘2018-10-23T04:00:00’ UNTIL ‘2018-10-24T04:00:00’ WHERE CurrentOrg = 6682 and SessionId = ‘oinvgz4vrolqzjcnsodqxhjg’
What could be the cause of this duplication?


Maybe grab the tripid and run a query for all events with the tripid. and look at the timestamps in the raw json output.


timestamps for the same tripd are different, 1540317159409, 1540317244712


That would/could mean then are not duplicates, but could lead you to know why there are two when you expect only one.


In the case those are no duplicates, what could mean to have the same tripid in more than one event?


That’s the point of tripid’s. If you have more than one transaction and more than one app showing events with the same tripid you can then trace the logic.

Said another way… there is little value in having tripid’s associated with only one event (if there are no instances of tripid’s associated with multiple events).


If you have 2 events with one tripId but different timestamps, that suggests that the code which creates the event fired twice on the same trip.


Yes, or they are different. We don’t know if the pageviews are identical other than thecurrentorg and sessionid. I only suggested looking at timestamps to point to something obvious that should be most likely different.


Hi @francisco.collazos, just wondering if you got everything you need from the replies here? :slight_smile: