Post APM's Applications Monthly SLA YTD Availability in Insights Dashboard

Post APM Application’s Monthly SLA Availability YTD in Insights Dashboard.

Hey there, @Manoj.Ravikumar! Do you have a specific question or need help with getting this information in Insights? Are you requesting a feature to be able to do this action? Can you tell us what you have tried so far in troubleshooting or finding a workaround? This information will be helpful in order to get you what you need! :blush: Thanks so much!

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Hi Linds,

Please see attachment.
We are trying to print the following table in Insights.

Hi, @Manoj.Ravikumar: The subject of this topic mentions the monthly SLA availability report, but the screenshot you posted is something different: information about the hosts running a particular application.

In any case, I do not know of a way to replicate either table in Insights; neither of them is based on Insights event data.

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Thank you, Phil. So there isn’t a way to get monthly up-time information per host?

Any SLA/Availability/Up-time data can be printed onto Insights from APM module?

Hi @Manoj.Ravikumar,

You might also want to take a look at using Synthetics for your Uptime/SLA data. Synthetics reports event data to Insights and generates SLA reports based on that data.

Here are some links to Synthetics Documentation to get you started:

Getting Started
Monitor Settings
Viewing Results

Also, here’s a post from one of my colleagues that you might find useful for gathering your SLA data in Insights:

Relic Solution: Using Insights to create the Ultimate SLA report

Let us know if you have any questions!

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Have you checked the SLO/R app from the nerd pack?

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@deshdeep Thanks for the suggestion!