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Post New Relic Servers EOL Follow Up



New Relic Servers reached its official End-Of Life (EOL) on May 15th, 2018 as was announced in this post. With the EOL date now two months past, it is time to revisit and ensure that final cleanup efforts are completed in your environments. While the agent will continue to run, it will continue to take up system and network resources until it is uninstalled. Additionally, as with any software product, unforeseen dependencies can exist as we continue to decommission the supporting infrastructure. Therefore, New Relic’s recommendation is to remove the New Relic Server agent from hosts and references to it or the New Relic Server Installer from your auto-scaling scripts or images.

You can find instructions for removing the New Relic Server Agents here:

While the data from the agent will continue to be dropped by New Relic ingest systems, best practice is to remove the agents and references to the agents from your environment as soon as possible.