PostgreSQL Agent

Hello everyone,

Did someone do the configuration by the PostGreSQL Agent? I want to know how I can send data from PostGreSQL to New Relic and if I can choose which data to send.

May someone help me? Please.

I read the documentation, but I didn’t understand how to do it.

Hi, @daniel.costa: I don’t think we can tell you any more than what is in the documentation. Can you be more specific about what you are having trouble with?

Hi @philweber,

I downloaded the file “installer image nri-postgresql.msi”, opened the cmd of the file directory, executed the line “msiexec.exe / qn / i PATH \ TO \ nri-postgresql-amd64.msi”, but nothing It happened.
I’m using the Windows agent and it’s already installed on my PC.

Should I continue with the process anyway?

Thanks for help.

I changed the “PATH TO” on the line for “msiexec.exe / qn / i PATH \ TO \ nri-postgresql-amd64.msi” to the path where the file is.