Postgresql integration error

time=“2020-08-27T08:28:07-07:00” level=error msg=“Couldn’t load integration instances from config file” component=PluginRegistry configFile=postgresql-config.yml error=“Integration definition not found” integration=com.newrelic.postgresql

New Relic Infrastructure Agent version: 1.12.3, GoVersion: go1.14.4, GitCommit: e0e2ab7155e79c483180fc0931c699e198807f7b

Hi @prashant.vats

That error message indicates the PostgreSQL integration’s definition file is not located on your system. Can you try re-installing the nri-postgresql package via your package manager to see if that addresses the error?

fixed this bug by installed the nri-postgrseql package :+1:t5:

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Great to hear @meotimdihia1! Thanks for sharing that solution with us! :slightly_smiling_face: