Preloading Graphs In TV Mode


I’ve just started using newrelic and I’m wondering if there’s a way to configure the TV view to preload the graphs on the next page so it doesn’t flicker every time the page switches as the new graphs load in? Maybe it’s just a switch I can’t find, otherwise I guess this is a feature request!


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Hi @TheTeaCat - There isn’t a way to preload graphs on the next page. This would be a feature request. That being said, can you provide more details on the flickering you are referring to?

The graphs just aren’t there immediately when the page loads and it takes a moment for them all to be rendered; in the dark tv mode this causes the overall brightness of the display to jump bit by bit as they all load in. Obviously this isn’t ideal to display in an area where people are working.

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Hi @TheTeaCat, would you like me to submit a feature idea based on your feedback?

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Yep, that’d be great. Kinda alarmed a dashboard made it to production without having preloading of the next page implemented. It’s just one of those little bits of polish that can make or break an interface…