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Preparing for PHP 7.3



Hoping to avoid a repeat of last year where it took a couple of months to finally release an updated PHP 7.2 agent. PHP API 20170718 (PHP 7.2) Support Status

Here is the planned release schedule for PHP 7.3:

The RC1 release is out now. I’m hoping that New Relic will be better prepared for the PHP 7.3 release this year.

P.S.: Datadog — a competing metrics service my company also uses — is about to launch PHP support.


Definitely. The expected Dec release of PHP 7.3 is already on my radar and we intend to officially support it in line with the time PHP 7.3 is officially released.


Quick update: PHP 7.3.0 just released today. We just added support for distributed tracing on our New Relic PHP Agent version 8.4. We are currently working on adding support for PHP 7.3, and will release a version 8.5 including support for PHP 7.3 very soon.


Thanks for the update. Here’s to hoping “soon” is more like next few sprints rather than next handful of months! The PHP 5.6 EOL is getting some of us off our keisters and moving old projects up to 7.x. Would love to move to 7.3 and not have to worry about another transition for a couple of years.


And we’re the opposite. We moved off of 5.6 years ago, and have a well-tested application, deploying with CI/CD methodology. We’re usually running the very latest bugfix release. We’ve been testing our app in the 7.3.0 RC builds, and are waiting for an update for the PHP APM agent before going live to Production.


Yes, please, waiting for it as well. :slight_smile: Stops us from rolling out PHP 7.3 into Production now that we use New Relic.


This is excellent feedback @AllCare @skyzyx and @andreas8! Thank you for your patience—@jvarney and I will get an update to you all as soon as this becomes available. Hang tight! :blush:


Looks like PHP Agent 8.5 is out with PHP 7.3 support:

Thanks to New Relic for adding PHP 7.3 support.

However, and I don’t mean to derail this thread, but I’m seeing a lot of php-fpm segfaults with loaded in 7.3, and they disappear when I unload the module. Cannot reproduce with the same version of the module loaded in 7.2. Is anyone else seeing similar behavior on 7.3? It seems 7.3.0 shipped with more than a few bugs, so perhaps I’ll just wait for this to mature.


Thanks for supporting PHP 7.3.