Pretty Printing NRQL?

Just curious if there’s a supported way in-app or a recommended way outside of the app to pretty print long NRQL queries, so it’s not all just on one wrapped line

Hi @Sadik.Shahidain

Happy Tuesday to you! I hope you are well.

While im not an NRQL expert, I did some digging and found a great post which may be of assistance Try this tool: An Interactive Command Line Interface for querying Insights event data.

Our very own @abloomer went ahead and created it, and mentions some good pointers around “pretty printing”.

Please do let me know if you found this helpful, any questions or updates are also welcome!

Thanks @dcody Maybe I misunderstood that post you linked, but it seemed like the pretty printing had to do with the JSON response instead of the NRQL query itself?

I’m more curious in how to make long NRQL queries more readable if that makes sense

Hello @Sadik.Shahidain

Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick way to format / Prettify / Pretty Print NRQL.