Previously optional field 'value_function' now required for static NRQL alerts in 2.1.1



Hi @mmalave, It isn’t clear to me if you have a specific question around this optional field or if you are sharing this information with the community. Please let us know! Thanks :slight_smile:

It looks like this is a request to update the docs for our Terraform provider to make note that the Value Function attribute is now required instead of optional.

I’ll tag in @sblue from the Developer Toolkit team to help out :slight_smile:


Yeah I wasn’t sure if it should be optional and that was an unnecessary error or if this was valid now.

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@mmalave - Thanks for confirming that! I had not seen info on a change on the API, however if you are getting errors back saying it’s required, I would trust that. I have mentioned this to @sblue internally too to try get that terraform documentation updated.