Pricing with standard accounts

I was researching Browser monitoring, and looking into SPA monitoring, JS errors, etc.

I’m on a standard plan, and I noticed that Browser Pro and SPA was a selectable option. From any documentation, it looks like Browser Pro + SPA requires a Pro Subscription.

By selecting and trying out Browser Pro + SPA, did I enter a new subscription type, am I trialing a new subscription type, or has this option actually been available to my account and I have been reading docs incorrectly - and I will simply be charged for data ingress? Or other?

The subscriptions listed on my account are:

New Relic AI Incident Intelligence
New Relic AI Proactive Detection
New Relic One - Data (PAYG)
New Relic One - Standard Users (PAYG)

Hi @sysadmin86, I have reached out to our Support team and they will be following up with you shortly to assist you with this issue.

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I got a ticket with NewRelic, and after a bit someone emailed me the following, which is the relevant information for me:

Sorry for any confusion but on Standard PAYG, you do have full retention and capabilities to use Browser Pro + SPA as part of your plan. You can use as many features on the platform as you’d like and you’d just continue to pay for the data ingest you’re using.
When the documentation refers to “Pro Subscription”, it is outdated and we need to change the wording. Our old pricing models did not have the same retention and capabilities for our past plans that we referred to as Pro, Essential and Lite.