Private location ping monitor is not working

Hi All,

I have created a private location and have opened firewall to one of the intranet ips. The ping command from private location server to the ip is working fine but when I create a monitor, I am getting -7 timeout error.
If ping works then ping monitor should work, that is my understanding.
Has anyone faced a similar issue?


Hi @Shubham_Nyaik

I hope you are well.

Great question here, unfortunately this is out of my scope. However I can see my colleague @hross did some digging and decided to loop in a Synthetics engineer here to help investigate.

Please note they will reply here with their findings.

Should you have any additional updates or finding please do reach out! Of course if you have all questions we are also here to help!

Hey @Shubham_Nyaik,

Thanks for posting about ping monitors for private locations! One thing to note about our ping monitors is that they don’t actually perform an ICMP ping request. Instead, they perform an HTTP HEAD request. If that fails they then attempt an HTTP GET request. It’s possible for an ICMP request to succeed from your host, but an HTTP HEAD request to fail.

If you’d like to emulate the HTTP GET request from your host:

# HEAD request
curl -Ivvv <your-endpoint>

# GET request
curl -Gvvv <your-endpoint>

More details about how to emulate the Verify SSL option for ping checks.

The -7 timeout typically indicates that the endpoint was not reached and no response was returned. Is a proxy needed to connect with HTTP? If so, you can use a scripted monitor to connect the proxy in the script first.

It’s also worth checking if the endpoint uses a custom certificate. If so, our minion may not be able to establish the SSL handshake without your root CA. For details on adding your CA to the minion and/or runner containers, I’ve just created a post about that yesterday. Good timing!