Private location pricing

We are under the new one relic account type and it’s not clear on what the pricing would be for a private location. One old web blog refers to £1,000 a month, but assume this is on the old pricing structure. Is there a page that clearly shows the costings for a private location?

@eh232 Welcome to the community :wave: I’m going to share this public pricing link: that should provide some information about product pricing. If you need a specific price offer, please let us know and we can connect you directly with our Sales Team. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks

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Thanks but there is no reference to “Private Location” costing within the pricing page. It is however referenced here within the product based platform pricing: Product-based pricing usage and New Relic Platform Pricing Usage Plan | New Relic Documentation

I’m trying to ascertain whether the New Relic Synthetics private locations pricing is different for customers on the newer “New Relic One” pricing model?

@eh232 Thank you for reply. I’m going to get a support ticket open for you and someone from our Accounts team will be able to assist you with this further.