Problem Agent in serverless framework PY 3.6

Hello, we perform the installation of the new relic agent in the lambdas, when the lambdas do not have aliases, the installation and operation of the lambda has no problems, but when the lambdas have aliases the environment variables are not updated, they are only updated layers

Lambdas are created in serverless framework
Other users have experienced this problem?

Hey @serv_cd_servicios,

Thanks for posting about Lambda aliases with our layer here in Explorers Hub! If I understand the issue correctly, you are using the Serverless Framework with our Serverless plugin to deploy and update the functions with aliases.

Our Serverless plugin called serverless-newrelic-lambda-layers doesn’t yet have functionality for deploying to function aliases.

A few weeks ago, I created a feature request to add this functionality to our newrelic-lambda CLI.

Note: This feature has not yet been added to the CLI as of the time of this posting.

Just now I created a feature request for the Serverless plugin as well so that our product manager is aware of this need. If you’d like to inquire as to the status of the feature request in the future, it is called SERVERLESS-I-19.

Thanks again for advocating for this feature!