Problem getting logs from Kubernetes cluster into New Relic


We are having issues with collecting logs from our Kubernetes cluster.

The cluster is running version 1.22.1 of Kubernetes on Ubuntu 20.04 with Docker version 20.10.12 as container runtime.

All nodes in the cluster have the latest infrastructure agent installed (1.22.0) and the New Relic Kubernetes integration (nri-bundle-3.3.3) is also installed.

The only time logs from our cluster turns up in New Relic is when the “newrelic-bundle-newrelic-logging” pods starts or are restarted, no new logs are sent until the next manual restart.

There are no issues with getting other metrics into New Relic from the cluster.

Anyone else facing the same issue?

Regards, Jesper

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Update, we managed to get it working by replacing docker as container runtime with containered.


Thanks so much for sharing that solution with the community @jesper.mansson!