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Problem with python multiprocessing




I am trying to wrap python functions as it is recommended:
def func(x):

And it works. But when I try to pass it to the multiprocessing module:

from multiprocessing import Process
pr = Process(target=func, args=(x))

It stops counting this func() as transactions. It still shows CPU usage but not correctly.
Is there a way to monitor func() in this situation?


@aleksandr.nemchanino I believe the problem you are having is that you are trying to collect data in a process different to where the agent was registered/initialized. When using multiprocessing you’ll want to make sure you are initializing and registering the agent in the process where you are using the background_task api, not initializing and registering the agent in the parent process. Due to the way multiprocessing terminates the subprocess, you’ll also want to be sure to call shutdown_agent.


Thank you,

Should have initialized agent in each thread indeed.

def run(self):
_your code here