Problems deleting the script from Browser topic

Hello, due to problems in our platform we cannot delete the Browser script.

We have tried everything and could not disable it.

If we change the license key, could it solve the problem?


Hi @Gonzalo.Guajardo,

Sorry to hear that you’re running into issues here! I’m happy to assist you in getting this sorted out.

You mentioned that you’ve tried a number of approaches here. Can I confirm that you’ve seen these pieces of documentation?

Disable browser agent on specific pages
Uninstall browser agent

I haven’t seen someone try to change their license key in order to remedy an issue like this, but I’m inclined to think that it could have unpredictable consequences. Similarly, it seems like it would basically leave a broken piece of code in your application and I’m guessing that could have detrimental impacts on performance and stability.

Could you share what method you used to install the Browser agent? It might be best to start there.

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We did check all the documentation, but nothing worked.

Finally this morning we tried a last configuration option in our web application and we managed to solve the problem.

It would be good, that the future New Relic could block these scripts in some way.

Thank you for the update @Gonzalo.Guajardo. Glad to hear your issue is solved. We appreciate the feedback and our development team are constantly rolling out updates. Hopefully this ability will be included in our future roadmap.

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