Problems starting Pro Trial


I registered an account on 10/25/2019 (2485106) and installed the according APM package. I’d like to have an insight into database monitoring. But it says to upgrade to APM Pro subscription.

Is there a way to start the Pro Trial?


Hello, I’ve added an additional 14 days APM Pro trial on your account. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Hey - Is everything ok now? Did Zahra adding a trial help out?

@RyanVeitch, the pro trial is now active

Thank you again for your help!


Hi, we are having the same issue. I created the account and configured the APM but it is in Lite version. We would like to try the PRO before deciding whether to buy it or not. Please help, how to turn APM PRO trial on?

Hey @pawel.rychlicki - you should now have a 2 week APM Trial - let me know if that helps out.

Yes, thank you very much!

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You’re welcome @pawel.rychlicki :smiley:

@zahrasiddiqa @RyanVeitch Can I get some help as well? Been waiting 2 days for a support ticket because my trial didn’t start automatically either. Still no answer to the ticket though.

@ww1 -

I just added a 2 week APM trial - let me know if that works for you now :smiley:

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Thank you very much Ryan!!

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No worries!! Let us know if you run into any trouble with the trial period. :smiley:

Hi, same problem here, could you enable Browser Pro Trial for us?

Hey @a.vilcinskas - can you check your accounts again in a few minutes? I have added a browser trial for both of your accounts :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve just added my apps to trial and tried to request APM Pro trial - it didn’t worked
Can it be fixed somehow?

@RyanVeitch @zahrasiddiqa hi, maybe you can help me?

@AnsegarMugwort - I got a trial added for you :smiley:


Thanks a lot for your help, Ryan!!!


You’re welcome @AnsegarMugwort

Hi, same problem here, could you enable Browser Pro Trial for us please?