Problems with payment in free version

Despite the fact that I have my credit card correctly configured in my account, the panel has stopped receiving data once the 100Gb of use has been reached. The message “Please add your credit card.” continues to appear on the top banner.

what can i do to solve it?

Hi @licenses3

I hope you are well. Thank you for reaching out here for support, and congrats on your first post here.

Hum this looks like an issue that requires the accounts teams support. I have gone ahead and created a case with the Accounts team on your behalf.

Please note they will reach out via email with their findings. Should you have any additional questions please do reach out.

Hi @dcody
The access link to the case that I received by mail does not work correctly, so I cannot access it to see the progress.

Thank you so much for your attention.

Hi @licenses3

I can see the Accounts team sent a message a few hours ago, can you confirm you are not receiving it still?

I haven’t received any messages from Accounts yet. I still can’t send data to NewRelic because it keeps telling me that I have to insert the card, even though I already have it inserted. Please help me fix this.

Hi @licenses3

I have reached out the person supporting the case, and they confirmed it should be working now. I can see the emails were sent from our side, to this profiles email.

They may have gone to your spam folder, please let me know of you got them and if the issue has been resolved.