Problems with ServiceNow integration

Hi team,

We are facing many challenges with the SNOW integration.
The tickets which are getting created are very raw with almost no details at all and are almost impossible to work with.
Could you please help us with that …
The ask is that tickets created on service now for the incident on the new relic should have adequate details exposed.

Hi there @RishavSharma -

Thanks so much for your question. You should be able to customize the messages sent to ServiceNow. It sounds like you are looking to customize the messages sent to ServiceNow from New Relic. We have some documentation on that here:

Please let me know if that does not get you what you need.

@hross thank you for this.
but this doc isn’t much of a help.
at the moment I see ‘coming soon’ for this feature when it’s working fine I will share screenshots.

Thanks so much for that update @RishavSharma. I think this is a larger issue so I am going to create a case for this. Please keep your eye out for an email from our team.

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this helps, thank you so much @hross

Let me restate the problem statement: When enabling service now integration in new relic, even if we expose all the details to be sent to service now, corresponding ticket created on service now has almost no details of the incident which can be used to track the incident back.

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Perfect - Thank so much @RishavSharma. When you get this solved, I’d love to hear what did the trick.

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And I did receive the email for the case.
Thank you for hearing me out @hross

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