Process Tree Nerdpack

Process Tree


Process Tree is a simple process viewer inspired by Unix’s pstree command. It is a fork of New Relic’s Top nerdpack that displays the process list as a tree, rather than a table.

Process Tree allows you to easily see the processes running on a host, and to inspect the CPU, I/O and memory used by a selected process.


Select a host to see a hierarchical list of the processes running on that host. Select a process to view the CPU, I/O and memory usage of that process.


Open Source License

This project is distributed under the Apache 2 license.


Requires New Relic Infrastructure with process metrics enabled.

Getting started

First, ensure that you have Git and NPM installed. If you’re unsure whether you have one or both of them installed, run the following command(s) (If you have them installed these commands will return a version number, if not, the commands won’t be recognized):

git --version
npm -v

Next, use the following commands to clone and run this repository:

nr1 nerdpack:clone -r
cd nr1-process-tree
nr1 nerdpack:serve

Visit, select a host, then select the Process Tree option.

Deploying this Nerdpack

Open a command prompt in the nerdpack’s directory and run the following commands.

# To create a new uuid for the nerdpack so that you can deploy it to your account:
# nr1 nerdpack:uuid -g [--profile=your_profile_name]

# To see a list of APIkeys / profiles available in your development environment:
# nr1 credentials:list

nr1 nerdpack:publish [--profile=your_profile_name]
nr1 nerdpack:deploy [-c [DEV|BETA|STABLE]] [--profile=your_profile_name]
nr1 nerdpack:subscribe [-c [DEV|BETA|STABLE]] [--profile=your_profile_name]

Visit, select a host, then select the Process Tree option.

The full Process Tree Nerdpack Github repo is available here.


Very cool Phil. Thanks for posting this.

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The process tree does not start, it stays loading but does not show data.
help me please
Thank you

Hi, @esmeralda.ponce: I am not able to reproduce this behavior; it works when I run it locally:

How are you running the Nerdpack? Are you running it on your local computer, or have you deployed it to your account?

Ah, I have an idea: The Process Tree Nerdpack relies on Infrastructure process data. Do you see any data when you select Processes for that host in Infrastructure?

Alternatively, you may execute this query in Query Builder:

SELECT * FROM ProcessSample WHERE hostname = 'Your host name'

If you do not see any data, then there is nothing for Process Tree to display. You must enable process metrics for the Infrastructure agent on your host.

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I already checked and I only have 6 out of 8 hosts enabled but to enable process metrics, does it consume more space in new relic?
thanks for answering

Yes, enabling process metrics generates additional data.

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