Processing Webservice Responses

We are building a solution to monitor failed transactions and also reprocesses failed transactions/processes. For that we need to setup a dashboard which shows all the failed transactions and two buttons: one for reprocessing, one for reporting. This dashboard should call a set of REST APIs to receive and parse the data. Is it possible to achieve that in New Relic?

Hi @kirankumar.ponna - this is not possible with New Relic Dashboards out of the box…

It sounds like a custom New Relic One Application, or Nerdpack, could be helpful for you though.

With this you can build a custom visualisation of your data in New Relic, built in React. Using NR libraries you can chart NRQL/Metric data.

You could also include buttons that in the background can trigger the APIs you need.

There’s a lot of detail on how to start building these apps here: