ProcessSample in AWS ECS Fargate container

Is it possible to have ProcessSample event for AWS ECS containers with Fargate lunch type?

I have installed the infra agent as a sidecar container to my main Fargate container. I was tuning the sidecar container with all process-related parameters as found on like enable_process_metrics, include_matching_metrics. Except ContainerSample event, I was not able to get the ProcessSample event.

Let me know if more info is needed.

Thanks, Martin.

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Hello, while we don’t provide ProcessSample metrics for Fargate launch type, if you have Metric Streams enabled you will see some metrics about Fargate tasks/services under these types of queries:

SELECT * from Metric where metricName = 'aws.ecs.CPUUtilization.byService'
SELECT * from Metric where metricName = 'aws.ecs.MemoryUtilization.byService'

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