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Profiling .NET Core 3.1 on Linux



I don’t see anything useful in the thread profiler on .net core 3.1 on Linux. The most expensive nodes simply say native function call. A few others have a nested tree of 20000 nodes of async calls. How do I get useful data out of this?


Hello @jeff69

It’s great to hear that you have run the thread profiler, and now comes the fun part of interpreting the data presented. Those 20,000 nodes may have the answers for you in finding the bottleneck in your app (if there is any).

The percentages in the call tree represent the percentage of thread backtrace samples in which each call path appeared during the profiling session,for details, click here

Not sure if you came across the below blog post, but it goes through an example of a problem and how it was identified and corrected.

Lets us know if you have any further questions.