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Programmability - which API key to use?



Are the API keys that are created available for APIs within the EU? I see that most of the API keys created within the Build New Relic One applications nerdlet begin with NRAK-***, and these will not work (charts return a HTTP 403 response trying to access, whereas there is one API key that starts with IRL***, which returns a populated chart. I have no idea how this API key was created, or where it was created, and I suspect the API keys aren’t being generated for the EU/correct region.

Workshop - Setup Your Environment

@jennifer.miggin - Could you try create an API key here:{yourAccountID}/integrations?page=api_keys

Then see if that API key shows up in the NR1 Nerdpack set up page?

Note API keys aren’t typically recognisable per location. License keys are, as in the EU they begin with EU01XX, API keys don’t have that identifier. For example, my EU account’s Admin API key begins with: 2413fa6


Hi Ryan,

Any keys created on the API page you linked to don’t appear on the Nerdpack setup page, and any keys created on the Nerdpack setup page don’t appear on the API page, either under Admin API or REST API.

The only API key I could get to work with the nerdpacks is the one starting with IRL*** , but I don’t see this key listed anywhere amongst my accounts, perhaps this is because the Nerdlet setup page uses some sort of hashing.


Hi @jennifer.miggin - could you try using the API key that was created on the page that Ryan referred you to in the CLI. Even though it’s not showing in the developer center you should be able to create a profile and start creating Nerdpacks.

NR1 CLI command: `nr1 profiles:add --name {your-account-slug} --api-key {your-api-key} --region eu


@jsius, thanks for the response.

I found the API keys in the NR UI here:{yourAccountID} , once in there, I selected Users > myUser > API keys.

I created an API key in there, and now I can use this to create my Nerdlet for that account.

These are different to the API keys located at:{yourAccountID}/integrations?page=api_keys


Interesting! We’ll make sure we look into documenting that. Thanks @jennifer.miggin


What is an account slug?


Hey @asavage -

The Account Slug is just the account name concatenated together, so - where my account is called:

Ryan Veitch - Testing Account

My account slug is: