Push notifications missing since 7th of May on Android

Greetings, everyone. Here is our problem - since the first week of May we are not receiving any pushes from notification channels. Nor for old users who had them perfectly working till then, nor users who has just installed the NR mobile app ( all users were registered before summer of 2020 ). Is any anomaly or bug releated to this situation or is it purley our problem with devices and settings and maybe accounts or users. Btw on iPhone pushes for mobile app works just fine. Comprehensive guides how to set up\tweak and troubleshoot NR mobile app push notifications are greatly welcome in this thread.
What steps we already tried in no particular order with no luck: install \ uninstall app \ change time on device\ remove device from ‘devices list’ in app and by graphql api \ reboot device) - the only change we see is that since some time mobile app test notification api returns 1 instead of 0 “response: 200,
Sent notification to 1 mobile device(s).”

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Hi @noneshnikov.a - Are these missing notifications related only to Android devices? I believe there is a known issue related to this that our developers have reported and have committed to prioritizing this as soon as they are able to reasonably do so.

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It seems so. Is there any kind of info about this issue so we can keep track of it ?

Not at this moment in time @noneshnikov.a but I will follow up and see what I can find.

Well just half an hour ago notifications start appearing (after 3 months) again (alerts and test pushes )!

Hi @noneshnikov.a!

That’s good to hear. Did this just happen spontaneously or were any changes made that you’re aware of?

This was fixed by NR, it just took months to resolve Android Phones Not Receiving Alert Push Notifications - #21 by cmancuso

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Hi @Drew.Snellgrove,

Thank you for letting us know, this information will be helpful for other members of the Community!