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Python agent in Daphne ASGI


Hi Linds,

I’ve got a question for you. I’m running a Django Channels applications, using Daphne ASGI instead of WSGI. Is there a way to get new relic up and running? I’m using the lines as provided with the python intro, but no data gets transmitted. Could it be the ASGI part?

Welcome New Explorers | September 19 2018

Hey @bob9 I moved your post over into the Python category, so our community of Python experts can help out here.


Hi there @bob9 -

Unfortunately, the Python agent does not do this automatically, but you can make it work manually. Here’s an example:

At the time of the above post, we were hopeful that this was on the near-term roadmap, but priorities shifted. That said, we’d love to see if we can help you get this working.


There is now a workaround… Not officially support though…


Thanks for sharing that in this thread @reloded :smiley:


Python Agent added a new web_transaction API can be used to instrument non-WSGI web transactions. For usage of this API check out :slight_smile: