Python agent throwing noisy deprecation warning in logs

Hi there,

I’m noticing noisy (one every 10s) deprecation warnings which appear to be coming from the newrelic python agent.:

[2020-07-30 15:25:17,338] DEBUG    []: Snapshotting metrics for harvest of '<redacted>'.
[2020-07-30 15:25:17,338] DEBUG    []: Completed harvest for '<redacted>' in 0.00 seconds.
[2020-07-30 15:25:17,338] DEBUG    []: Completed flexible harvest of application data in 0.00 seconds.
/usr/local/lib/python3.6/ DeprecationWarning: generator 'common_exception_handling' raised StopIteration
  self.gen.throw(type, value, traceback)

New Relic Python Agent (

Would appreciate any feedback on how to fix this.

Hello Sandeep!

I took a look at the error you’re seeing and it looks like it’s coming from Python and not from New Relic. Please see this article I found here: