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Python3 Sanic + Newrelic



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Python Version: Python3.5.2
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I’m not able to see any data in newrelic.

I’m using python3 and Sanic as my web server. I’m using pm2 to monitor the application. I’m not able to integrate it with python agent. I tried in the following 2 ways.

  1. using file, which contains newrelic-admin run-program python3 /var/lib/capeve/ Then running pm2 start --interpreter bash Didn’t workout.
  2. Directly using newrelic.agent in server itself.
    import newrelic.agent


@nikhilesh Thanks for posting to the forum. I see that my colleague also responded to you in the support ticket you opened regarding this issue.

As mentioned in the support ticket, the Python agent does not currently support Sanic. We’ve entered the feature request on your behalf for the agent to support Sanic.


Any updates on this feature?


Is this possible yet? Sanic has gotten quite popular as a Python web framework.


Any updates on this? It’s been more than a year since this feature request had been filed?


@abhinavsrivastava The Python agent does not currently support Sanic. I’ll add a feature request on your behalf.


Hi @reelio , @abhinavsrivastava , @mikael.koponen , and @nikhilesh !

I’m pleased to announce that our release of the Python agent is out, and it includes out of the box instrumentation support for Sanic, including support for distributed tracing.

After updating to the latest agent, applications using Sanic should have requests reported in APM.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!