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Query across sub accounts from master



We’ve created sub accounts in our master account based on lines of business, (CRM, Finance, etc).

I’d like to build a dashboard in our company’s master account that would contain summative data from several sub accounts we’ve created. Using Insights, I can query data from the main account, but I’m not seeing sub-account data. I have a name account in both the master account and sub accounts.

Specifically, we are looking at SyntheticChecks data points.

Any ideas on how access this data?


Hi, @Scott.Walters: You should be able to select the desired account by clicking the dropdown to the left of the NRQL editor:



I may be wrong, but I believe Scott wants what many of us want. The ability to run an SQL query across sub accounts and have the results of that query include data from those sub accounts and represent the results in one chart or other widget.

I know you responded with the ability to have a widget represent data from another account. I think if that meets Scott’s needs that is great, but still think not being able to combine account data in a widget is limiting.


OK, yes, that is a feature request. Unfortunately nothing I can do about that.


Hi ,
Just trying to do something similar myself, wondering if this has made any progress in the last few months?


Hi @CATHALDI, the best option is to add this as a Feature Idea here on the Hub, that way other users can add their use-cases and vote on it, as the more support these ideas get the better :smiley:


Do we know if we have one logged already as feature request. where could we see current list which are in implementation phase?


Hi @mohan.kandra - Our product roadmap is not public. So we have no way to show what is or isn’t in the implementation phase.

With that said I know we do have internal feature ideas for this submitted, and I can add your +1 to that. Note that I currently have no details of a timeline for that feature idea.


This feature would be really helpful to those of us with sub accounts. It’s difficult to report to corporate management across all accounts without this feature. I created a data app with widgets for each sub account on each tab, but it would be nice to be able to create a dashboard with widgets comprised of data from all sub accounts. For example, I’d create trend lines for all sub accounts pertaining to Page Views, Transactions, Errors. Not possible now, from what I see. Please consider this feature as a very useful item. I’m being pressured to consider other APMs to get this functionality, and don’t want to leave New Relic if possible.


Hey @tpirkle - That feedback is great! We’ll get that added to the internal feature idea. :smiley: Thanks for posting.