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Query API Returning Duplicate Records



I am running the following query via the query api and I am getting duplicate results SELECT%20%2A%20FROM%20%60Link%20Email%20Started%60%20SINCE%2072%20HOURS%20AGO%20LIMIT%202000

The duplicate records that I have found have sessionId=‘6D3DB1E2-8166-404A-861E-C3F95941DD99’

I would like to know why this query would return two rows that each contain the exact same data.



Hi @jake29 - If the event is fired from a user click, based on the event name I have assumed this, then it could be that the user double-clicked the element.

I have also decoded the query for anyone else who would like to reply:
SELECT * FROM 'Link Email Started' SINCE 72 HOURS AGO LIMIT 2000