Query data from SolarWinds to New Relic

We are looking to see if we can display the data polled by SolarWinds using New Relic Insights.

For testing purposes, we use the alerting mechanism of SolarWinds to use POST action to send the node statistics payload to New Relic.

This works fine but we need to find a way in which New Relic can ingest the data from SolarWinds using a different way rather than using the alerting mechanism of SolarWinds.

Hi @Jason.Cruz, I’m going to reach out to @jbiggley and @zackm on this since they are experts with SolarWinds.

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@Jason.Cruz - I usually use our Flex Integration to do this. Here’s an example.


Thanks, @zackm…we will be looking at these examples on the link you gave.

Awesome! Let us know how you get on with that :smiley:

we got the flex ingesting data from SolarWinds now…I guess my next question is that "is there a way to check in New Relic if the Flex Integration is working?’ We want to know if there can be a way that we can monitor this just to see that the data ingestion is working as normal.

Thanks in advance!


SELECT latest(timestamp) FROM flexStatusSample FACET hostname LIMIT MAX

flexStatusSample is basically a heartbeat event that Flex creates to let you know that the Flex binary itself is executing as intended. If you want to monitor specific event types to ensure SolarWinds is still feeding the data, you would just replace flexStatusSample with your target event in the above query.