Query Data not getting exported to CSV file


I am trying to query the list of errors that has happened in past 3 hours, I notice that the table lists only 10 line items and exports only the same. ( I am expecting over 1k of these errors) i have tried changing timelines but it is still the same. could you let me know where I am going wrong. Thanks

SELECT timestamp, appVersion, osName, statusCode,requestUrl, responseBody from MobileRequestError, MobileRequest where errorType is not null and statusCode >= 500 AND ( appId = 188892384 OR appId = 189384804) and requestDomain = ‘oapi.opalsystems.com.au’ and statusCode in (502,504) SINCE 3 hours ago

Hey @keerti.pragathi -

The max allowable rows returned in Insights is 2000. However by default, for query optimisation purposes, you will only see 10 rows.

You can change this by adding LIMIT MAX to the end of your query.

LIMIT can be any numeric value up to 2000, or using MAX will default to 2000 too.

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