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Query pull the External System and their response


Query pull the External System and their response.


Hey @sakthi.p.ponraj - could you elaborate a little on what you are looking for?

Are there any NRQL queries you have tried so far?


hi Ryan -
i didnt tried the any NRQL.

What i tried with single app name:
In insights, Data explorer --> matrix --> Application–>${appname)–>external–>choose external system and their response. --> add to dashboard.

now my requirement is
How can I group the external system and their response with multiple appname like ‘WLS-B6NV-MYV-TOMCAT-qa1-%’ instead of going with a single app name?


Hey @sakthi.p.ponraj - I’m don’t think it’s possible in the Data explorer to group attributes. This would be possible in NRQL, however don’t think the external service response times are not currently queryable. I’ll go ahead and file a feature request for you - to make external service data available in Insights, accessible via NRQL queries.


Hi Ryan - Any Luck on external systems ?


Not yet as far as I know @sakthi.p.ponraj - I’ll try to re-bump this request to the team.