Query servers CPU usage in New Relic

Is there a way to query servers CPU usage in New Relic? like using NRQL to query PageView.
Thanks a lot!


Hi @yinghu_huang,

Currently Server metrics are not sent to Insights by default but this would certainly be a great feature to have. I will put in a feature request to get in front of our Product Management team for review. We appreciate your feedback on how our products can be improved, so if you have any further questions or suggestions just let us know!


Thanks! That will be a great feature to help us customize our performance testing. :smiley:

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Hi all…

@ehulburt Any feature update for this?

Hi @eddyarif

There is no update as of right now. Our product managers use the feature requests they receive to prioritise work on our agents. Would you like me to file a feature request on your behalf to add the weight of your desire for this feature to the list of requests?

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Hello @acuffe

That would be nice. It would be convenient to be able to do in Insights/NRQL what you can do in custom dashboard. But with NRQL we can do so much more actually.

Thank you.


Of course, I think having our server monitor data in Insights would be a great addition. I’ve filed that feature request on your behalf too. Thanks so much for letting us know it would be useful to you.

Hi, Any update on this feature?

No update right now, @manju.meedinti! I am happy to file a feature request for you! Feel free to provide more details or a use case for product management’s review! :blush:

I would also love to have that feature. Could we have a Featured request added to the previous ones?

Of course, @apuchau! I will add a feature request for you right now. Thanks for letting me know that you’re interested as well. :blush:

Any update on this? I think having server metrics available for NRQL querying would be amazing.

Hi @margi

Right now I don’t have any update about this feature coming to the Server Monitor product, but I know that the Infrastructure product that we currently have in beta, does push server data to Insights for use.

Right now you can only sign up on this page to express interest to be part of the beta, and if accepted into the beta they will reach out to you to help get you setup. I would definitely suggest signing up for the Infrastructure beta as it may be of interest you alongside it’s additional features.

Hi @margi, @yinghu_huang, @eddyarif ,

New Relic Infrastructure captures server memory data that can be queried using NRQL and displayed in Insights dashboards.


Can you guide on how to use it in Insights?

@abpanwar -

Here is a good resource on available Infrastructure events/attributes from Insights: https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/infrastructure/new-relic-infrastructure/data-instrumentation/default-infrastructure-attributes-events.

Here is a sample query: ‘SELECT average(cpuPercent) FROM ProcessSample WHERE hostname = ‘somehostname’ SINCE 24 hours ago TIMESERIES’

There are lots of possibilities. Maybe others can share their Insights queries in this regard.


Actually, I do not have infrastructure setup. I need to do it via data available from APM Agent. is not there any param available in new relic agent that can help with the task???

Hi, @abpanwar: The APM agent sends metric data, which cannot be queried in Insights. If, however, you can determine the name of the metric whose data you want, you may use the REST API to download the data for that metric.