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Query to find if distributed agent is enabled in APM


###Insights Question Template

  • There are many ways to achieve a goal in Insights, tell us a bit about your end goal. What insights are you hoping to gain?

I want to know on which APM APP distributed tracing has been enabled.

  • Please include the URL to the Insights dashboard that needs addressing:

  • Let us know which NRQL queries you have tried so far:
    FROM NrDailyUsage SELECT count(*) WHERE productLine=‘APM’ AND usageType=‘Application’ FACET consumingAccountId, consumingAccountName, apmAppName, apmAgentVersion, apmLanguage SINCE 1 day ago LIMIT 2000

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Hi @vibhav.chary - By using the distributed tracing events, you may be able to work out which has been enabled. At the least a list of apps to check.

SELECT uniques(appName) FROM Span