Query to return all users that have access New Relic

I am looking to run a query against NR to see how many users have accessed in the last few months both internal and external - any ideas

Hi @eckersle - Can you clarify your goals here?

Are you interested in seeing who has logged into your New Relic account?
OR seeing users who have accessed your New Relic monitored application?

Hi Ryan,
Is it possible to know when and what type of access was granted on what date with the help of newrelic query

Hello @ashishb1996 -

You can query New Relic audit data for the following types of activities:

  • Individuals added or deleted
  • Role changes
  • Account changes made via API
  • Synthetic monitor changes
  • Dashboard deletion
  • Workload configuration changes

That should get you the information you are asking for. There is more information on how to do it in our documentation.

Please let me know if that does not get you what you need!