Querying custom events by parameter with python agent


I recently setup custom events using the latest python agent following this record_custom_event (Python agent API) | New Relic Documentation
So i’m using new relic’s agent record_custom_event(event_type, params, application=None) with a key-value dictionary in the params attribute. I can actually see these parameters populated in the custom events data browser if i use the raw data tab but i can’t seem to filter using NRQL to create alarms and dashboards, i can only use timestamp as a filter in a WHERE clause. Has any one else ran into this issue?

See what attributes you have on your data.

Select keyset() from CustomEvent since 1 week ago

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Hi @6MM this actually helped with seeing the attributes but after a bit more digging i realized that what i was actually looking for was the FACET clause in order to group my data by attributes and then be able to filter on values of those attributes. Not sure what i was doing wrong since it also works with a simple WHERE clause. Thanks for the help!