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Question: Best Practice for Application and Server naming



I am a SysAdmin picking up a pre-existing New Relic configuration that was handled by the previous SysAdmin. In the current setup, they have every single agent named after the application the server hosts. Example: Hosts BCPROD1, BCPROD2, BCPRODBAT would all have agents with the same name “Billing Center” configured.

I was wondering what is the standard / best practice for generating new relic agent names is? Should i modify the naming to use the host name?


@Shawnzy - that’s a good question - New Relic don’t enforce any naming standards, so this may be a better question for the other members of this community.

But from my perspective - effective naming is important. The way I like to think is; If New Relic is going to wake up my teams at 3am to solve performance problems, I should make that as easy as I can for them.

By that I mean that, in the alert notifications and runbooks they receive they should be able to see exactly where they need to go digging.

So - depending on your set up, I might use something like:

“Login Service - EU - PROD”
“Login Service - EU - Staging”

I would use similar naming for my Infrastructure Hosts - depending on the function of a particular host.

Interesting that you note you’re inheriting New Relic from a former colleague. This is a rare case, but one I’ve seen before - where having well defined standards for your New Relic implementation can save you, your colleagues, and the folks who’ll come after you some time and hassle. That’s why we built out a Handbook template: Relic Solution: New Relic Handbook

Which you could use to define how others in your organisation should use the New Relic account.