Question of the Week Survey Results June 11th 2021

Hi again everyone!

A while back we sent a survey out to some of our community members asking about their experience on the Explorers Hub. We want to share some of the answers to these questions every week so that we can share and expand on these ideas by discussing them with you, the community!

Our first question of the week is:

Have you tried networking with peers in your field on the community? If so, how? If not, is that something you would be interested in doing?

This was more of a yes or no question but the results showed that at least 57% of user’s said they either have tried networking through the community or would at least be interested in doing so!

Some of these networking techniques of reaching out to others in similar lines of work included things like conferences, offline meet ups, slack groups, Linkedin connections and groups, etc.

Feel free to vote in this poll to let us know your interest in any of ideas and comment why!

  • Conferences
  • Offline Meet Ups
  • Slack Group
  • Linkedin Groups

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We would be very interested to hear the whole community’s thoughts on this!

Would you like to attempt to network with your peers? And if so, what form would you like that to take?

Please let us know by responding to this thread, liking comments that you agree with and thank you to all of our community members who took part in our survey!