Questions about product-based pricing

basically i have some questions here about an old pricing model, original product-bassd pricing model. I am asking you for the old model because odk is under the old model.
Let me make them with short sentences as possible. We may have a call if available later on these to save time probably.

  1. According to new relic doc,

These hours can be divided across multiple hosts. For example, you might have three hosts that are each connected to New Relic for 250 hours during one month: these hours would add up to equal one equivalent host.

more elaboration required for the sentence above for us please. what do you mean "connected to New Relic "? you mean for instance, an apm agent is installed in a particular host and from the very moment, the time will be counted right? as long as the host is alive and we do not remove the newrelic agent on the host, the time will be counted? untill we remove the agent?

what if, for instance, the app is auto scaled a lot that it drives one more node/host to be added? then we are now more charged correct?
Where can we possibly find those hosts in newrelic or queries if you have, please share.

Thanks a lot in advance

Hi @johnkim

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I have gone ahead and created a case on your behalf with the accounts sales team, please note they will reach out via email soon.

Should you have any additional questions or updates please do reach out.