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Questions on Browser Geography data and Insight query


Have couple of questions related to insight query and Browser Geography data.

  1. Page View attributes- is there any difference between using pageurl and browserTransactionName attributes for pageview …seems i see same result from these queries…please let me know is there is any difference and when to use them?
    –SELECT average(duration) FROM PageView FACET pageUrl SINCE 1 week ago
    -SELECT average(duration) FROM PageView FACET browserTransactionName SINCE 1 week ago

2)How Geography data is captured in New Relic? we have users in US and India…and mostly in Cities like Greenville(US) and Hyderabad(India) …however i do not see any data populating from these sites…I see data only populated from Wisconsin , Tamilnadu, Bangalore(this is surprising as the user base here is very minimal or null)…so is there any specific way how relic picks up region/Geography data from Browsers?


Hi @NRavi.Kiran,

Thanks for getting in touch with New Relic!

  1. There is a difference between the two, but it’s a subtle one.
  • PageUrl: The exact url that is active when on the page, minus any query parameters
  • BrowserTransactionName: That same url, but includes any wrapping that may occur to collapse unique segments, such as would be wrapped to*, since the individual experience is not as helpful as seeing that profile page performance as a whole.
    You can find out more on both of these attributes in our PageView event documentation.
  1. I was able to find a bit of information on how the geography data is collected:

The geographic location is taken from the IP address of the user and compared to the MaxMind geolocation database. The level of accuracy for that varies depending on how the ISP reports its users—some may report the postal code of the actual user, while others report the location of a hub or even just the home city of the ISP. In any case, we use the most exact location we can get from that. In the future it’s possible that we’ll change which database we use, but the lookup process will be the same. The Browser agent uses only the IP address to get the location. The way that IP address is reported depends on the data reported from the ISP.

I hope that offers some insight as to how this information is gathered; we are relying on the ISP to provide the location of a particular user. Note that we just use the IP address to find this geographic information; the IP address itself is NOT collected by the Browser agent.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!


Thankyou imattice for providing information. this is helpful

So essentially this means that Relic browser data is so much unreliable. we cannot rely on this data to get region wise insights…the locations from where we are operating and the geography regions relic shows is different…

another clarification…could not understand why there is difference on the insight query and the data shown on Geo page…at least they should show same info…is there anything i am querying wrong here or interpreting data on the Geo page …

this insight query shows data from US for last 30 minutes…

this geo page shows that there is no activity in US for last 30 minutes. does this show data only if it is beyond average page load time …if yes is this value defined some where?



Hey @NRavi.Kiran,

You are seeing a discrepancy between these two charts because both of these charts pull from different data stores. The Insights chart pulls from Browser default events for Insights, whereas Geo pulls from the Browser metrics. The Geo pages data is filtered through for Outliers, which is likely why you are not seeing some of this data in the Geo page. For a direct comparison, I would recommend using the Filtered Geography page, as that is using the same data you see in the Insights chart.


Thanyou Imattice for clarification.