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RabbitMQ monitoring doesn't work for queues_regexes '[".*"]'



We’ve integrated RabbitMQ monitoring by using this instruction:
All works well until we set up queues_regexes as ‘[".*"]’.
This is working on our small, staging environments, but on production, it doesn’t.
On production we have dynamically created queues, usually, it’s about ~1700 queues.
Is that possible that Newrelic has some limitation on number of queues that can be monitored? (and when it is reached it does not measure data at all)

Thank you!


Hello @devops24,

There is a limitation on the amount of queues that can be collected is 500. This is probably what you are running into. I would adjust your regex to filter your queues to less than 500


Hello peraut,

I am experiencing the same problem here, I have a Rabbitmq cluster with 3 nodes and all with active integration, I have approximately 1500 queues.

Can I use a regex on each machine in the cluster to extract the metrics from the queues? or are there any limitations on the NewRelic side too?


There is a max limitation of 500 queues per integration, so I would use the regex to query for different queues per integration to stay within that limit.



Integration, is it counted by machine? or by newrelic-account

In other words, is there an integration for the company’s expensive machine, or one general for the company?


you can have unlimited integrations per account on any number of machines, depending on your subscription. Infrastructure pro is required.