Re-check not available because monitor has been changed since this check was made

After failure of our scripted synthetic monitor, the re-check button is grayed out and says “Re-checks are not available because this monitor has been changed since this check was made”.

We are not aware of any changes to the monitor settings and the script. We also couldn’t find anything useful on Google.

Hi @Xinhu.Liu,

Thanks for reaching out regarding your Synthetics inquiry. One way that you can verify what change have been made to an account is to use an NrAuditEvent query. More on that here: NrAuditEvent event data and query examples

I’d suggest writing a query that scopes down to the monitor that you’re concerned about here. This should tell you if any changes have been made. It can also tell you who on your account might’ve made these changes.

Let me know if this works for you or if you have other questions here!

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