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Re: Upcoming Changes To Supported Agent Versions


Good day,

I find this information confusing;

So looking at the version numbers of NewRelic agents we’re using mostly 1.0.976, which seems to be in support for another ~2 years.

As nothing like this is mentioned in the article, this made me think maybe our NewRelic agent is written in one of those languages, however when I list the package’s dependencies it seems to only require a shell…
~]$ rpm -qR newrelic-infra
rpmlib(PayloadFilesHavePrefix) <= 4.0-1
rpmlib(CompressedFileNames) <= 3.0.4-1

We have a multi-OS environment, will I need to try this type of thing for every server? For all I know the Windows agent uses Java or .NET, or our Debian servers use php, or even a different language depending on it’s version. I’d not like to have to check every server to see what language the NR agent thinks it’s using and check the version of that language. I run the suggested NRSL check it lists no issues but it also says this information is not complete.

Some advice or clarification would be appreciated.
Many thanks,


Hi, @david.stringer: It looks like you are checking the Infrastructure agent? I believe the message about supported agent versions only applies to language agents.


Thanks for the response Phil, awesome.
So this seems to mean that so long as we’re using newrelic-infra there’s nothing to be done.
It’d be nice to have an official conformation I can point at so I can close our internal ticket with managers happy.



Hey @david.stringer - Phil is right - if you are using only Infrastructure, then you need no updates, Infrastructure agents are not in scope for this EOL.

If you have APM agents installed, you should ensure you are using versions more recent than those marked for EOL per the doc you linked.

Are you using any APM agents? Or just Infrastructure?


I’m fairly certain we’re just using infrastructure, however if you know an NRQL query to confirm that’d be awesome.
Many thanks for your help.



Try this:

SELECT apmAppName, apmAppId, apmLanguage, apmAgentVersion FROM NrDailyUsage WHERE productLine = 'APM' AND usageType = 'Application' SINCE 1 day AGO

Note that you may need to change the '' marks in that query. Copy/Pasting them often breaks the quote marks.