React Native: Null is not an object

I was able to setup iOS and Android. When I visit the portal (, data is present like App Launches, HTTP response times, HTTP errors and network failure rate.

But when I try to call nrRecordMetric I get this error:
null is not an object (evaluating '_NewRelicRNModule.default.recordMetric')

Not sure if this is related to this open issue. I tried renaming from:
module.exports = NativeModules.NewRelicRNModule;


module.exports = NativeModules.NewRelicModule;

But it didn’t work.

I noticed the required React Native version is 0.60 (I’m using 0.59.8) maybe it’s not compatible? . Not sure if I’m missing something else. Please help.

I think updating might be necessary. Can you confirm if you are still having this issue when using version 0.60?