Receiving 403 (Forbidden) when attempting to push logs through NR's Lambda Layer

Hello Team,

I tried to update our implementation today to utilise AWS Lambda Extensions & NR’s updated Lambda Layer (our previous implementation used CloudWatch to forward logs) and that looks to have sunk the boat.

None of my logs are going through now.

Here’s a trace of what I’m seeing through out my applications.

2020-12-10T23:52:13.500+08:00 [NR_EXT] Telemetry client response: [403 Forbidden] {}
2020-12-10T23:52:13.500+08:00 [NR_EXT] Sent 0/1 New Relic payload batches with 3 log events successfully in 228.830ms (228ms to transmit 3.5kB).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


John Mathews

Hi @john105 Sorry you have been waiting awhile for a response from our community. I’m going to bring this back to the attention of our support team. Thanks for your patience!

Neal Mc