Record complete URL in JS Error

Hi, I wanted to know if I can capture the complete url in js error for browser. Currently it only shows url as the base route and not all the path params and query params.

Hi, Could someone please check this?

Hi @nmaheshw - There is a potential work around listed in the post below.


Hi @nmaheshw were you able to use @stefan_garnham workaround to solve your issue? :slight_smile:

@stefan_garnham @rdouglas
Do we have this ready within NewRelic instead of this custom workaround?
Our customers are looking to get the complete url to get recorded in the JS errors.

Hi @nagendrakunduri Thanks for checking. Browser agent doesn’t capture any query params or hash fragments in the URLs captured as they may contain sensitive info. However, they can be queried in the BrowserInteraction event especially in previousUrl and targetUrl attributes. But other events will not have them I’m afraid.

This has been added to our Product docs as well. Adding it below for your reference.

For now, using custom attributes is the way to go. Hope it helps!