Recurring Weekly Email of Dashboard

I have a dashboard that I have created in New Relic. I would like this dashboard to be sent to my email address every Monday morning. I have found that this question has been asked many times over the past few years however there still seems to be no solution. Any updates on if this is now possible?

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Hi there @harry.floyd -

You are correct - there is no feature for this currently, but I will add you to the list of folks requesting this feature. In the meantime, there is a workaround that may be useful to you:

Let me know if that does not help.

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it didn’t helped. do we have any other option?

Hi @Naren_Nalluri

I hope you are well.

I believe this is a feature request thats being worked on at the moment, but unfortunately thats all the current info I have on the matter.

I don’t know of any other work around but perhaps if you could share a link to the dashboard in question, I can have a look and see if there is another strategy I can come up with. Please note this link will only be accessible by the New Relic team.